Quality & Food Safety Assurance

At United Valley Pet Food, our main goal is to assure your customers’ pet’s receive the highest quality pet food products to ensure health and well being.    This is why we have implemented our Quality Assurance Program, assuring that all our products are manufactured, packaged and shipped while following all USDA guidelines.

Care At Every Step

From production to packaging, every precaution is taken to ensure a quality wholesome mixingproduct is the end result. Each ingredient undergoes an extensive series of tests to verify quality.  After testing, ingredients are mixed for 5 minutes to allow each ingredient to blend evenly.

quality checkThroughout the manufacturing process, samples are taken from our product and after every hour of production to verify protein, fat and moisture content.  This added step helps ensure these levels are satisfactory to our already high quality standards and gives us and our customers the peace of mind that our product will not develop mold after packaging.