Small businesses are the backbone of this great country. United Valley Pet Food is the definition of a small business. Family owned and operated, our personal guarantee is a promise to you to work hard to bring you the best deals to help make your business thrive and your customers happy.

USA Ingredients

USA-Liver-SnapsBeing aware of where a pet food’s ingredients originate from and manufactured is quickly becoming as important as the ingredients themselves.  All United Valley Pet Food products are manufactured here in the USA at our plant in El Paso, Texas.  Our ingredients originate only from USDA approved and inspected facilities that are located in the US.  We do not source any ingredients from China or any other foreign country.


At United Valley Pet Food we strive to meet every customer’s specific products need.  We pride ourselves in the flexibility we offer with our products from various shapes and sizes of our kibbles to over 38 pre-formulated varieties of dog food.

Adding more flexibility to our production is the fact that we can alter our pre-made formulas to accommodate any customer’s request.  If that isn’t enough customization, we will take a customer’s already existing formula sheet, analyze it and determine the best way to produce the dog food the way they want it.

small kibble IIWe currently offer over 5 kibble shapes and sizes, but have the capability to choose from over 1,000 varieties of kibbles.  To see our current selection of kibble dies visit our Kibble Die Breakdown page.



We currently offer over 38 pre-formulated dog food varieties, including Grain Free, No Corn and All Life Stage formulas.  If you would like more information on each pre-formulated formula we offer, visit our Pre-Made Formula Information page.

Where to find us

Located on the outskirts of El Paso, our United Valley Pet Food plant churns out at least 3,000 bags of dog food a day!  Feel free to stop by and pay us a visit or contact us to schedule an appointment for a tour.  

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