Pre-Made Dog Food Formaulas

No dog’s nutritional needs are the same.  United Valley Pet Food’s wide assortment of pre-formulated dog food allows consumer to pin point the food that will be the most beneficial to their dog.

Grain Free Formulas: 

Over time dogs can develop allergies to the common grains found in dog foods.  Our Grain Free dog food formula each contains a single protein source while using potatoes as the carbohydrate source for an all-natural super food that will give a dog energy all day long.  Available in Duck, Lamb, Venison, Pork, Salmon and Turkey formulas.

No Corn Formulas:

The ultimate dog food for dogs who may be allergic to corn.  Our No Corn dog food formula combines Chicken Meal, brown rice and oatmeal to provide a healthy alternative for dogs with sensitive skin and stomachs while still maintaining a high nutritional value.  Our No Corn formula also contains blueberries for added antioxidants and and cranberries to help maintain a healthy urinary tract.  Available in Adult, Growth, Athlete & Weight Management formulas.

 All Life Stage Formulas

Expanding on our popular No Corn formula, our All Life Stage Formulas allow the feeding of a single dog food regardless of the age and activity level of the pet.  The No Corn formula is available in Lamb, Pork, Salmon and Turkey formulas.

Chicken Based Formulas

Still our most requested dog food formula.  With Chicken meal as the first ingredient, dogs enjoy a higher digestibility food than that of normal grocery store brands.  This means a dog will eat smaller portions while still feeling full and satisfied.  Our Chicken Base dog food provides a perfect balance of Omega Fatty Acids and other necessary nutrients that help maintain a shiny healthy coat.  Available in Adult, Growth, Athlete & Weight Management formulas.

Lamb Based Formulas

Formulated for dogs that may be allergic to common protein sources such as meat or chicken.   Our Lamb Base dog food formula provides a highly digestible alternative to common grocery store brands.  This allows your dog to eat smaller portions while still receiving the healthy Omega Fatty Acids to maintain a shiny healthy coat and skin.  Available in Adult, Growth, Athlete & Weight Management formulas.

Meat Based Formulas

Meat Base formulas are perfect for dogs who prefer a tastier alternative to chicken based dog food.  With Meat & Bone meal as the first ingredient, a dog will enjoy the same nutrition as chicken based dog food while eating smaller portions but still feel full and satisfied.